What clients have to say…

“David conducted a damp survey in summer 2023, on a property I have just purchased in Norwich. It was an extremely thorough and professional piece of work. David's informative recommendations will guide future decisions I make, to ensure the property is not just dry but also generally well maintained for the long term. It was very reassuring to have the help of such a capable and experienced expert, and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Alex P, Norwich 21.08.2023
“Thank you very much for the advice about our damp problem that you've just given me over the phone. Very much appreciated and will be acted upon. Your knowledge and impartiality were obvious, all was detailed but crystal clear. I'm very grateful for this excellent free guidance.”
Peter Cutting 10.01.2023
“Having read a lot of horror stories online about damp in old buildings and damp proofing as a whole, we were recommended to speak to David after the building report for the old cottage we were buying flagged damp issues. He carried out his basic 1/2 day damp survey and not only provided an incredibly clear and detailed report that set out the issues that need remedying in a clear hierarchy, alongside supporting pictures, but he also included many detailed appendices that have given us a roadmap on restoring the property in the years to come. The attention to detail and care taken to explain the issues and the best ways they should be fixed has given us the peace of mind and confidence we needed for our next steps – and that's worth every penny. Thank you.”
Lorna & James Burrows 11.04.2022
(Inspection March 2022)
“Just a quick note to say many thanks once again for the report you carried out for us - it has been really useful in allowing us to decide where to prioritise.
We are making a start on some of the smaller jobs and (hopefully!) have managed to arrange for a builder to get the pointing and more specialised work done next summer.
Your section on the cultural and historical significance of our home is particularly interesting - thank you for taking the trouble to look into that for us.”
Heather Stoner 23.12.2021
(Inspection November 2021)
“My initial contact with Mr. Kinsey was a telephone call just to glean some advice about some potential issues that an initial survey had raised. The knowledge and advice from that call was so helpful and I was so impressed I thought it would be worth having a half-day damp survey conducted, although Mr. Kinsey was more than happy to provide the advice without any expectation or obligation of this, which I was very reassured by.
It was definitely the best choice I could have made, potentially saving me thousands in unnecessary works, but mainly giving me specific and helpful advice and observations about other things that I needed to be aware of. Mr. Kinsey went out of his way to help me at short notice, he is a pleasure to deal with, and has exemplary knowledge, taking the time and having great patience to explain things to me.
The report was so thorough and clear, even noting interesting historical details. It covered everything, even more than expected, and gave such invaluable advice. It’s so reassuring and an added bonus to know that if I needed post-survey advice for a set period afterwards, it would be available. I can’t recommend David highly enough and am grateful that I now have informed knowledge of how to address issues and maintain my property in the best way, thanks to Mr. Kinsey.”
Julie Clark 02.11.2021
(Inspection October 2021)
“I would like to say how impressed I am with your report, the level of detail is so much greater than I expected but so useful when talking to tradespeople about the issues which need to be resolved. The section covering cultural and historical points is fascinating and really adds a sense of history to the bricks and mortar. I now realise how important it is to get an expert surveyor to survey an older property rather than the bulk standard approach offered by so many companies. I learnt so much from you when you kindly allowed me to follow you around. Offering a free 6-month post-survey advice service is also invaluable. I would strongly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase or already owning a period property.”
Marion Chamberlain 02.10.2021
(Inspection September 2021)
“I am very grateful to David Kinsey for carrying out a damp survey of my property. I had previously tried to get builders to rectify the damp problems but it became clear that they did not understand the reasons for the damp.
David spent all day carefully testing every part of the house and has produced a comprehensive report which explains why the damp problems have arisen and also what remedial actions are needed. He has also given clear explanations about how moisture affects old and new buildings and materials.
I am now confident that we can take the right steps to rectify the damp and prevent further problems.”
Julie Raven 09.09.2021
(Inspection September 2021)
“A longstanding damp problem in my 1920’s property, which had persisted despite ‘treatment’ from two established companies (one national), led to me in 2018 asking the help of David Kinsey. Mr. Kinsey carried out a very comprehensive survey of the property, not just the affected areas, in a meticulous, efficient, and quietly methodical manner over several hours, with thorough scientific testing where appropriate. His diagnosis and explanation of the real nature of the situation brought sense and perspective to it, and his recommendations for dealing with it and other matters he detected were pertinent and helpful. He clearly has great knowledge, expertise and experience in this field. I would certainly strongly recommend him to any potential client.”
Dr. I. Duncan 15.08.2019
(Inspection March 2018)
“My husband and I were really pleased with the speed you were able to come to site, the thoroughness of the actual survey and the efficiency of providing the report. The survey is very comprehensive and thorough covering your assessment of the situation, your findings and recommendations. It is clearly presented and easy for a lay person to read and understand especially with the technical glossary.
The package of services you offer around the report is clearly explained and is very comforting to know we can call on your technical expertise relating to the survey for a 2 year period if we should need it.”
Lynn Parvin 06.12.2018
(Inspection November 2018)
“Thank you for your report which arrived today. Certainly I feel we’ve got good value for money here, as it is very complete and you have explained the areas I was most worried about and your comments all make good sense, knowing what I already know about the house and its history.
I will study the report more closely over the next few days and a couple of builders are interested in quoting for the work. I think I will need to come back to you to ask one or two questions, so it’s very helpful to know you are happy to advise a little further. So a big thank you from us, and I will be happy to recommend your surveys.”
Anna Wood 19.10.2018
(Inspection October 2018)
“I've received the survey and would like to thank you for compiling it so quickly. It's great to have such a detailed insight into the condition and history of the house. And I'm relieved the work carried out on the house has been done to a good standard.”
Ben Fuller 21.09.2018
(Inspection September 2018)
“I have followed your recommendation to reduce the ground level to the rear.
Your Report gives us great confidence in moving forward, and we have a clear strategy to address the matters you have identified, together with the solutions and priorities you have given. Indeed, your service is beyond what we expected and we would happily recommend you to others.”
Jonathan Hellewell 05.09.2018
(Inspection August 2018)
“Thank you very much for the report and cover letter, the 2 year post survey support is very generous. We very much appreciate the in depth report which was undertaken in a very thorough and meticulous manner, the inclusion of background info regarding any concerns is fantastic for the layman. It is great to understand how you rationalize each element to the type of house and the differing construction methods across the building, it is very refreshing not to be given a 'one size fits all' solution. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Your support & report very much appreciated.”
John Clarke 08.02.2018
(Inspection January 2018)
“Thank you very much for providing such a professional and reliable service. I appreciated your swift response to my initial enquiry, the thorough nature of your inspection and the very detailed and helpful final report. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.”
Gary Griggs 02.11.2017
(Inspection October 2017)
'Problem with a damp house'.
“I found David Kinsey on the internet when looking for advice on damp problems in my 1930s house. He gave me expert, constructive and very helpful advice over the phone. I then decided to engage him to make a full survey and report of the house. The resulting report is exacting and precise and covers all aspects of managing damp in the immediate, middle and long term. He identified the difference between damp through compromised or damaged building parts and the damp and condensation caused by ineffective arrangements for heating and ventilation. He addressed all my queries and worries with a sincere knowledge of period house design. David Kinsey identified immediate problems with locating water ingress leading to internal staining and compromising of a passage way ceiling. Repairs were advised. But also a plan to solve the cause of the water ingress was set out. Also, details of past repairs to the house which were causing slight problems, but are invisible to the lay person’s eye were identified. Advice for the remedies for middle and longer term maintaining of the health of the house were all covered in the survey and report. David Kinsey has been extremely helpful and he has also taken time to explain any aspect of the report and advised work. Five star rating ★★★★★.”
Louisa Davey 30.08.2017
(Inspection August 2017)
“Thank you for your report on the damp survey you recently carried out. It has been both reassuring to know what has caused the damp problems, and helpful to know what needs to be done and how to prioritise the work. I have been very satisfied with the speed with which you produced such a comprehensive report, and the additional information, which explains how to care for a building such as ours. It should ensure that in the future money spent on maintenance is efficiently allocated, and will be a saving in the long run.”
Geoffrey Budden, Cliff Mansions, Cromer. 31.05.2017
(Inspection May 2017)
“Many thanks for your very comprehensive report. Not the best news, but confirmed what we expected! Now we have to act upon it. We have already started making enquiries in the building world. We will keep you posted and contact you if we have any further questions. Everyone we have shown the report thinks it is an excellent piece of work and well worth the money.”
Pat & Chris Savage 22.04.2017
(Inspection April 2017)
“Many thanks for your report, it makes very interesting reading! Thankfully there doesn't appear to be any issues that will delay our purchase. However your recommendations and advice are comprehensive and gratefully received and will very much assist us in the appropriate maintenance and ultimate improvement of the property. Once again thank you for your professional assistance and if we have any queries in the future I will not hesitate in contacting you.”
Sandra Tebbutt 07.01.2017
(Inspection January 2017)
“Thank you so much for doing the damp report it was so beautifully presented and very in-depth. Thank you also for all your valuable advice it certainly came in handy. I would recommend you to anyone who has any doubts about their house or any house they are proposing to buy I think your survey was most useful. I eventually got a builder to quote and actually do the work and the bill came to £650, he also rendered the back wall when he'd finished. Once more thank you so much for all your marvellous advice.”
Sheila Dobson 29.08.16
(Inspection June 2016)
“David provided me with a damp survey of the highest quality and I can not recommend his expertise and support highly enough. He will always be my first port of call for all types of building survey in the future.”
James Harding 21.03.16
(Inspection March 2016)
“I am writing to inform you what action we took as a result of your report. We decided eventually to re-build the two bay windows, fit a new new roof and also replace all the window sills at the front of the house, as the cost of rebuilding wasn’t significantly more than just having the roof over the bay windows re-done. We decided to use the builder who had built our rear extension in 2012, unfortunately he wasn’t able to do the work until May 2015. The work was completed in June 2015. One thing that came to light, when he removed the old windows, was that there was standing water on top of bricks under the frames, which formed the sills both upstairs and downstairs. The reason for this in addition to the cracked sill you had identified, appeared to be that most of the drainage channels in the window frames, were blocked by the render which covered the bricks forming the sills. Having now had a spell of wet windy weather, we have had no problems with water ingress or dampness, and the whole house is becoming drier with the passage of time, indicated by some shrinkage of the existing timber used in the original construction of the house and a significant reduction in condensation which is still improving as time passes. So thank you very much for your recommendations which have solved our problems with damp and I would be more than happy to use our experience as a testimonial.”
Byron Jones 10.02.16
(Inspection July 2014)
“We would happily recommend David to anyone who needs specialist damp surveys or advice on the purchase of a period house. He is prompt, reasonably priced, very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and perhaps most importantly, really cares about his clients and period houses. He does not insist on the removal of all non-period features, but instead gives sensible advice about what needs to be done to a property to remove/prevent problems using methods in-keeping with the history of the property. His carefully tailored reports are excellent and easily understandable by those with little knowledge of building work and heritage properties. His post-report follow-up advice is also excellent, which helps remove the associated fear of what you might find behind that plaster/modern brickwork/render as you remove it. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what best to do with a period property, David is one of the people that you should listen to.”
Adam & Claire 09.02.16
(Inspection January 2016)
“Thank you very much indeed for your detailed and helpful report and for visiting us. We have read it all through carefully and are hopeful that our damp problems can gradually be put right by following the experienced advice you have given. It was useful that you took pains to explain the thinking behind each step, too. While we see that there is no one-stop 'silver bullet' answer (i.e. re-inject the damp proof course!!) we can now see the need for a multi-faceted approach and also the order of priority. It was interesting to hear what you were able to tell us about the history and structure of our house and the many additional bits of information about properties of this era in general. We are now at the point of looking for an excellent and sympathetic (to the materials needed) builder and also planning what we can do ourselves (i.e. utility room floor etc.) I have no doubt that in the course of the next weeks/months we will be glad to contact you again as per your follow-up advice service – we are bound to have further questions as we implement the steps outlined. Thank-you once again for an informative, thorough and professional service.”
Alex & Andrew Lynn-Smith 25.01.16
(Inspection January 2016)
“Thank you very much for your thorough, clear and helpful report. Although we now have a lot of work to do it is good that we have now found an obvious expert to explain what was causing our damp problems.”
Peter Hallinan 12.11.15
(Inspection November 2015)
“We live in a 19th century tenement flat which we are slowly restoring. Before tackling any of the damp problems, we wanted an expert opinion on probable causes and possible solutions. We chose David Kinsey due to the wealth of free advice about period buildings on his website. In person he was just as helpful, was happy to answer our layman's questions and explain the construction of our building and the problems with later additions. His written report arrived within a few days of the visit and was comprehensive and very helpful - with clear advice on how to tackle the problems. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend David Kinsey to anyone wanting an expert opinion, coupled with excellent service.”
Peter McNally 01.10.2015
(Inspection September 2015)
“I find the report most helpful in pointing the way to addressing the damp issues at Tara Cottage. I only wish I had asked you to carry out your inspection before the recent so-called damp proofing work was carried out, as it would have saved considerable time and expense!”
Chris Raymond 02.09.2015
(Inspection August 2015)
“David performed a damp survey for us, looking various areas of damp throughout our house. We had previously approached a range of builders and other surveyors about the damp but the problems remained unsolved. During his visit, David was meticulous, looking at every corner of the house. His enthusiasm and expertise was evident and he shared a mine of information about the structure and history of the house in general. David's report was very detailed and thorough and yet was very readable. It provided a full and detailed explanation of the various causes of damp in general and what was causing the damp in our house specifically. Whilst being very detailed, the report focused on the information of prime concern to us - i.e. what needs to be done and how urgently. David's service after delivery of the report was invaluable. I deal with a number of experts and expert reports in my professional life and it is very unusual to come across an expert who knows his subject in such depth and yet communicates so clearly and helpfully.”
S Norton 07.04.15
(Inspection October 2014)
“David's expertise and knowledge in his field surpassed expectation. He explained issues at great length and was open to discussion, as his approachable manner made us feel at ease to ask basic questions. We received a thorough and comprehensive report, which whilst dealing with technical issues, David used terminology which explained issues and conclusions clearly. We would not hesitate to recommend David, and we feel comfortable knowing we could further discuss our home with him in the future.”
Jennifer Copello 19.02.15
(Inspection January 2015)
“David's expertise has been invaluable in diagnosing and recommending solutions for what appeared at first sight to be a serious damp problem. He gave several useful pieces of advice even before I'd officially engaged him, and the post-visit report was detailed, thorough, and promptly delivered. I now have a good understanding of the remedial work required, and am looking forward to a dry and cosy atmosphere in all parts of the house.”
Harry Trevelyan 04.02.15
(Inspection January 2015)
“We were delighted by the calibre, thoroughness & remedial solutions you very clearly detail. You are obviously both knowledgable & passionate about your area of expertise & we feel very reassured that your solutions will work.”
L Hunter 18.12.14
(Inspection November 2014)
“Our 1820 built home was showing signs of degradation caused by what appeared to be damp. David Kinsey, Period House Pathologist, completed an extremely thorough examination of the property and provided an easy to digest report where he identified issues, recommended solutions, and prioritised works needing to be carried out to repair and better manage our lovely character property. I consider him to be expert in his field with a no nonsense approach to his work. He explained the problems clearly and succinctly and gave extremely clear advice on how found problems should be rectified. Excellent advice all round, highly recommended - money well spent.”
R K O'Neill 18.11.14
Squadron Leader RAF (Rtd) MCGI
(Inspection November 2014)
“Thank you so much for doing our damp survey. The report is fantastic and invaluable and you have put our minds at rest to the causes and how to improve everything.”
Calli Latimer 06.10.14
(Inspection September 2014)
“Just a line to say how much we appreciated the comprehensive report which you sent us before Easter. We have engaged a builder ‒ with a copy of your report – to look at the urgent priorities which you outlined for us.”
Dair F-H 23.04.14
(Inspection March 2014)
“Thank you so much for your detailed report which we received last week. We have already been in touch with tradesmen to tackle the problems in the games room. We both felt reassured to know that our damp problems were solvable and appreciated your clear advice and recommendations.”
Vivienne Brittain 26.07.13
(Inspection July 2013)
“I write to thank you for your recent survey and advice on my property. You were kind enough to allow me along side during the survey, explaining details of my house and advice on how to rectify and improve the issues of damp I had around the front of the house. Not only did you explain why this had occurred but also identified risk areas to be aware of. You calmed my anxieties and helped put them into perspective which gave me some peace of mind; the subsequent report helping with recommendations for minor, moderate and serious issues. You worked around my busy schedule and resulting report arrived swiftly afterwards (within 2 days). I thank you for the wider advice you gave me during the survey which I found both interesting and educational despite employing your services predominately for damp advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you further. In fact I forwarded your website details to a friend at work who has a similarly aged property in Norwich.”
Phil Clark 22.06.13
(Inspection June 2013)
“Many thanks for your detailed damp survey report for Old Rose Cottage. I am very pleased with the practicality of the report and it's recommendations.”
M Whiteside 12.06.13
(Inspection May 2013)
“Thank you so much for this advice, you really are the voice of wisdom and common sense that we need. Thank you for continuing to support us, I am so grateful. And of course if you ever want an endorsement for your website or materials, or a contact for potential clients to speak to as a reference, then we cannot sing your praises loudly enough.”
Helen Platt 02.02.13
(Inspection August 2012)
“Thank you again for coming out - we found it very helpful and also very interesting especially regarding our various damp problems, we now have a better idea as to how to tackle these!
Again, thank you for your advice.”
Claire Dormer 08.10.12
(Inspection October 2012)
“You very kindly came and did a damp report on our cottage in August. It has been an invaluable insight for our plans, and I cannot thank you enough. Not only that, but your thoroughness, approach and passion for the subject was inspirational. Thanks again for your help, “
Helen Platt 26.11.12
(Inspection August 2012)
“Thank you for the Damp Survey on White House Farm which was received today. The report is comprehensive, easy to understand and the priorities clearly stated. I found our initial telephone conversation gave me clear indications of your remit and fees as did the following letter and invoice instruction. The survey was undertaken in a calm professional manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending your service.”
Rev'd Sandy Mitchell 06.11.11
(Inspection October 2011)
“David's careful use of the thermal imaging camera provided information not economically obtainable by any other practical method, given the difficulties in gaining access to high parts of the medieval building. More than that, David was both knowledgeable and realistic about the extent to which the images were directly relevant to the known leakage problems we were investigating. His careful interpretation enabled sound judgements to be made about what to do next, and also helped diagnose some damp problems we didn't know about that could be tackled at the same time.”
Matt Williams, Churchwarden, St George's Church, Colegate, Norwich. 10.05.11
(Inspection December 2009)
“David Kinsey is an experienced and dedicated expert in period house surveying. His passion for the fabric and detail of houses is comprehensive and very essential when it is the structure and life of a building that is in question. In 2009 we bought a 1925 house in North Norfolk, constructed of a type of ash-concrete brick with lime mortar, then rendered in cement and painted. This is not unusual, but there were worrying damp problems in most of the rooms and an all pervading smell of wet carpet. The damp was caused by rusting gutters and downpipes, bridged damp-courses. Condensation was caused by plastic roof felt and the covering up of floors with foam-backed nylon carpets and thermoplastic tiles on top of quarry tiles. Salts had formed on the walls where the outside render had cracked. And the woodworm were having a party. Not only was Mr Kinsey’s report sensitive to the age of the property, but there was no need for modern invasive work to be done, which would ultimately have caused further problems. The recommendations that were made in the report were carried out, inexpensively and without damaging the integrity of the building, and the house is now sound, dry and smells sweet. I can’t recommend David Kinsey highly enough.”
Sarah Retallack 09.05.11
(Inspection April 2009)

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